Belgische vlag Belgische vlag

the moment

In a sandwich, with an aperitif or in the kitchen - it’s always tasty!

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For every moment

In sandwiches

Get your day off to the perfect start with a slice of Flandrien cheese in your sandwich. Or what about a quiet lunch break or a light evening meal with Flandrien Kaas at your side?

With our cheeses, your sandwiches are always a delight…

In the kitchen

The way to a Belgian’s heart is through their stomach. So Flandrien cheese is an essential ingredient in your cooking. Would you like just that bit more, that extra richness in your dishes? Flandrien Kaas accompanies you on the way to superb culinary experiences...


With your aperitif

Reminiscing or putting the world to rights, enjoying lively discussions or hatching crazy plans. Great ways to spend time with friends or family!

Our Flandrien cheeses are an essential part of such fantastic moments…

Did you know...

that we make around two million kilos of cheese every year?

That’s 2,400 18-kilo wheels per week!